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For graduation party catering call Danny’s Little Taste of Texas and relax! For a milestone celebration like a high school or college graduation, or completion of a Master’s degree, plan a Texas-style blow-out with Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. After all the hard work and dedication it’s time to celebrate. At Danny’s Little Taste of Texas we bring the party to your event with smokin’ hot BBQ foods, or a Pig Roast and entertainment to boot. Say a job well done to your new graduate with a graduation party catered by Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. We serve all of CT for catering needs. 860-432-9655.

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Graduation Party Catering | South Windsor CT, Glastonbury CT | Danny’s LTOT


At Danny’s Little Taste of Texas we offer a variety of barbecue options that are simply delicious. Down below you will find the many different options that you can pick from when you choose Danny’s Little Taste of Texas as your catering company.

Barbecue Meat Choices

Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, BBQ Spare Ribs, Smoked Sausage, BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Beef Ribs, and Beef Brisket sliced or pulled.

From the Grill

All of our From the Grill Catering options come with your choice of three sides, cornbread and watermelon.

Grilled Chicken Breast
$12.95 / person

New York Strip Steak
$15.95 / person

Cowboy Rib-Eye
$22.95 / person

New York Strip and Chicken Combo
$19.95 / person


Barbecue Catering Options

All of our Barbecue Catering options come with your choice of three sides, cornbread and watermelon.

One Meat – $15.95/person

Two Meats – $18.95/person

Belly Buster (Three Meats) – $21.95/person

BBQ Beef Ribs – $18.95/person

Baby Back Ribs add $1.00/person


Catering options include Pick Up (call for rates), Delivery ($150 plus time and travel), or Chuck Wagon Ho-Down Catering ($499.99). Give Danny’s Little Taste of Texas a call at 860-432-9655.


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Barbecue Options | South Windsor CT, East Hartford CT | Danny’s Little Taste of Texas



chicken wings football catering

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is first in football season catering in South Windsor and all of greater Hartford CT. Football season has begun and you cannot watch a game without yummy foods.  Football game entertaining often includes Creamy dips, delicious finger foods, juicy meats and more go great with an exciting football game.  Serving various finger food options may be the perfect idea.  It is typically hard to get guests off the couch and out of the living room to eat.  Do everyone a favor and make it easy to enjoy while watching the game. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas can help you serve the perfect spread. Order a sheet of wings, chicken nuggets, drums and wings, jalapeno poppers, mini tacos, corn fritters, chili con queso and more. We can even set you up with dessert! This season get out of the kitchen and enjoy game day with the crew. Call Danny’s Little Taste of Texas serving you and your family the best game day food around. We’re located in South Windsor CT, and serve all surrounding areas including Manchester CT, Vernon CT and East Hartford CT.  We offer delivery and pick up. We will have your entire events food ready for you to pick up in serving trays with plastic ware, plates and napkins. Give us a call at 860-432-9655.

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Football Season Catering |  South Windsor CT | Danny’s Little Taste of Texas



Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is your local source of the most excellent BBQ Catering in the northeast. Americans are fond of barbecue, and appreciate smoky, savory meals roasted slowly on an open fire. There are four main regional varieties of traditional, slow-cooked barbecue in America.

Kansas City style barbecue is characterized by thick, tomato-based sauces containing a substantial amount of sugar .Kansas City style rubs are mostly brown sugar, or some other form of sugar as well.  It’s imperative that Kansas City barbecue be cooked slowly over low heat, or you’ll end up with a crispy black lump of caramelized burnt sugar. Kansas City style barbecue usually focuses on pork, pork ribs, and chicken.

Memphis style barbecue is somewhat similar to Kansas City style, but doesn’t pack nearly as much sugar as that stuff from further west.  Memphis style tends to be more spicy than Kansas City style, and pork ribs or butt are usually the primary meats.

Carolina style barbecue is pork. Not much if any of a rub is used; this barbecue is sauce-based.  Carolina sauce in general is thin and watery, tangy, and peppery.

At Danny’s Little Taste of Texas our Favorite is Texas Style BBQ.

Texas barbecue focuses on beef.  Might be a little chicken or pork ribs tossed in as sort of garnish, but in general it’s beef, beef and more beef. Sauces tend to be thin and bold, more like a basting or mop sauce and are heavy with flavor from various kinds of ground chilis, cumin, onion, hot sauce, meat drippings and even beer or coffee. At Danny’s we serve up pretty much anything BBQ related that you could imagine. If you are looking into BBQ catering for your next occasion, including corporate events and more, call Danny’s Little Taste Of Texas at 860-432-9655.


BBQ Catering


BBQ Catering | South Windsor CT | Danny’s Little Taste of Texas

Wedding BBQ Catering

For over twenty years, Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has done the best Barbecue wedding catering around Hartford County. We can make sure your reception for your wedding will be always remembered for having wonderful food. We will take the time to go over exactly what you want for your wedding. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas can also give you advice on the precise amount of food your party will need to ensure know one leaves hungry. Danny’s is your number one source for slow roasted, authentic Texas style barbecue and southern style sides. Rather have a Pig Roast or Clam Bake? Not a problem! Danny’s Little Taste of Texas can handle any size wedding party with ease. Our signature Chuck Wagon has been seen at the Big E and all over Connecticut for years. Call us today to make an appointment: 860-432-9655.



Wedding Catering | Manchester CT, South Windsor CT, Glastonbury CT | Danny’s Little Taste of Texas