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REAL TEXAS STYLE BBQ catering can only be achieved by slowly cooking meats at low temperatures with lots of smoke from real Hickory logs. The flame does not come in contact with our meat thus enhancing the natural flavor.

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas BBQ Catering cooks our meats up to 16 hours of mouth watering perfection in our special enclosed hickory wood burning pits.

Of course, as we smoke our meats, we baste them with our own secret sauces for added flavor. This process is designed to seal in the juices of our delicious meats, and at the same time give them that good hickory smoked flavor.

Please note, however, that our cooking process produces a “reddish-pinkish” color in our meats, especially in the chicken and pork ribs. This is the same color of smoked ham and does not mean that the meat is under-cooked.

Once you have tried Danny’s Little Taste of Texas , we think you will agree that it is the finest available anywhere.  Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is Connecticut’s premier BBQ Catering Company.  Please call for more information.


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