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Make us your catering provider

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BBQ Catering Hartford CT - New Haven CT

Not sure who should cater your bachelor party? Well Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is known for our extensive catering services available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can cater for all types of onsite events we’re here to make your event a success! We are happy to serve any size group with our start from scratch food. Danny will personally guarantee all of his products and services. We will provide great food, condiments, music, karaoke, and even calf roping! Our Chuck Wagon can accommodate 2 to 2,000 people. If you want to make your bachelor party a success then you should choose Danny’s Little Taste of Texas as your catering provider! We have sides, desserts, entrees, and beverages that will meet everyone that you invite’s needs. Call us now to make a reservation or if you have any questions.

Owner Danny Bell brings a bit of Texas to Connecticut with Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. Bell lived in Texas for a time and got the full experience of authentic Texas barbecue. Bell then decided he wanted to bring those experiences with him to CT and open Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. For over 14 years Little Taste of Texas has been serving residents of CT and all over New England some of Texas’s Best BBQ. Authentic Texas BBQ means that the meat is Dry rubbed with special spices, wood smoked and slow cooked. The smoker brings out the flavors, and nobody can dispute how good a smoker chugging away smells. Danny’s newest item is Buffalo meat, available in burgers, buffalo cheesesteak sandwiches, wraps and nachos. Buffalo meat contains 30% more protein, is much leaner, and can prove to be more flavorful then beef.

Catering – South Windsor CT, Manchester CT

Happy Holidays!

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Everyone at Danny’s Little Taste of Texas hopes you’re enjoying the holidays! Call us at 860-432-9655 if you would like us to cater your next event!


Our catering services

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We have different catering services that we offer at Danny’s Little Taste of Texas.

Option #1— Pick Up: We will have your entire events food ready for you to pick up in serving trays with plastic ware, plates and napkins.

Option #2—Delivery Option: We will come to the site of your event and drop off the food including plastic ware, napkins and plates. Call for charge.

Option #3— Delivery Set Up: We send our crew out to the event site, set up your entire events meal, tables, table clothes, chaffing dishes, all set ups. We then leave and come back at the end to clean up. Just bring the appetite! $150.00 plus time and travel Optional On-site Cook and Server Available.

CHUCK WAGON HO-DOWN CATERING SERVICE: We will come to the site of your event and set up tables and chaffing dishes for food. We have staff there for the duration of your event there to do whatever we can to make your day easy. We cook all special catering options on site. We supply all condiments, plates, napkins and plastic ware. Chuck Wagon Ho-down also includes karaoke, calf-roping and music. At the end of the event our staff promptly cleans up before we leave. $499.

Catering – South Windsor CT, East Hartford CT

Party Platters for your next party!

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Planning on having a party and looking for a catering company? Danny’s Little Taste of Texas caters and we a variety of party platters that are delicious!

Appetizer Platter       $59.95

    • 25 Wings
    • 12 Jalapeno Poppers
    • 12 Quesadilla Roll Ups
    • 25 Mini Tacos
    Baby Back Rib Platter  $79.95
    • 4 Racks cut and ready to eat with BBQ sauce

    Jalapeno Poppers      $49.95

    • 100 poppers – Cheddar Cheese Filled

    Yankee Buffalo Wing Platter      $29.99 / $59.99

    • Mild, Hot or Mule Kickin’
    • served with Blue Cheese
    • 50 Wings  –  $29.99   100 Wings – $59.99

    Party Salad       $19.95/$29.95

    • Green Garden Salad –  ½ Pan – $19.95    Full pan – $29.95

    Party Salad with Grilled Chicken     $29.95 / $49.95

    • ½ pan  –  $29.95    Full pan  –  $49.95

    Chicken Quesadilla Roll Ups     $59.99

    Chicken Quesadilla Roll Ups – 75 for $59.99

    Tortilla Chips and Dip Platter     $29.95

    • Tortilla Chips
    • Chili Con Queso
    • Cheese Dip and Salsa

    Texas Chili      $39.95 / $79.99

    • Our Famous Chili  ½ pan – $39.95 Full pan – $79.99

    Mini Tacos      $59.99

    • Chicken 150 pieces- $59.99

    Corn Bread

    Full Pan – $29.99
    • Corn Bread- Full Pan-$29.99

    Catering – South Windsor CT, Manchester CT

Try something new

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Pig Roast

Danny’s little taste of texas – Pig Roast

Are you tired of eating the same thing at the same exact restaurants? Give Danny’s Little Taste of Texas a try. We offer a variety of food and if you’re not convinces read some of our reviews below from people all over CT and MA.
Tj P. from South Windsor, CT “Really good BBQ, went in off the coupon and will go back again. Really enjoy the pulled pork and we shared a potato with beef.”

Noelle M. from Plainville, CT “I have only ever experienced that which is Danny’s while at the Big E up in Massachusetts, but I have to say I skip those Maine potatoes EVERY time and go straight for the big old loaded Texas spud from Danny’s setup on the side of the CT building…with the BBQ pulled pork of course! Nothing compares!”

Lisa M. From Wallingford, CT “… We were brought a small bowl of house made potato chips–nice and crunchy. Onto the good stuff! The ribs had just enough tension that they weren’t completely coming right off, making eating them enjoyable and they had a great flavor. The fries were house-cut and seasoned nicely as well. I also cannot resist trying the cornbread at a BBQ place so we both got sides of that– recommended it grilled and it honestly has to be the best cornbread I’ve ever had. It was a very generous side, nice and moist (I asked for the recipe, but no luck!) If we weren’t so full, the deep fried Twinkies might have been next, but alas, it just gives me a reason to come back!

If you are in the area and hungry, skip the madness of the Buckland Mall area and head down the street for some quality BBQ!”

Erik K from Boston, MA “Without a doubt the best bbq in New England- period. You want Texas? This is it. Hickory smoke, juicy fall-off-the-bone ribs, terrific bbq sauce that would make Stubbs BBQ proud, amazing cornbread, and all the fixings you could possibly imagine.Put it this way: If I had to have a last meal, Danny’s Little Taste of Texas will be on speed dial.”


Catering – South Windsor CT, Manchester CT

Have A Pig Roast At Your Next Gathering

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Danny's Little Taste of Texas

Pig roast is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole pig. Pig roasts in the mainland American Deep South are often referred to as a pig picking

The tradition of the pig roast goes back millennia and is found in many cultures. There are numerous ways to roast pork, including open fire rotisserie style roasting, and “caja china” style box grilling.

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas uses a slow smoking process to smoke pigs for over 12 hours. Served with your choice of three sides, corn bread and melon. The pig is cooked right in front of your guests on a spit as the roast emits a delicious aroma that always draws a crowd. The end result is a crispy, juicy, pig roast and a lot of satisfied people. A 50 person minimum is required for the pig roast in CT, Western Mass and New York.

Catering – South Windsor CT, Manchester CT

Have an Event coming up?

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We cater for all types of events. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has everything you’ve been looking for. Catering has been around for hundreds of years. The first recorded major function of being catered was in the U.S. It was in Philadelphia and the catering was done by Ceaser Cranshell in order to celebrate the departure of British General William Howe. In 1840, catering started to expand and restaurants started to offer catering options as well.

Let us help take some of the stress away of making food for your guest. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has a variety of catering options. Call us now at 860-432-9655 for more information or if you’re interested in having Danny’s Little Taste Of Texas cater your next event.

Catering Restaurants – Farmington CT, Avon CT, Simsbury CT

Delicious Food For Your Next Holiday Party!

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Are you not sure where to get delicious food from for your next holiday party? Look no further because Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has everything you’ve been looking for.

We have a variety of Barbecue meat choices including Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, BBQ Spare Ribs, Smoked Sausage, BBQ Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Beef Ribs, and Beef Brisket sliced or pulled.

You want something grilled? You can choose from our variety of Grill catering options to meet all of your different guest’s taste. We also have Classic Picnic catering options which include pulled pork/chicken sandwiches or the burgers/dogs combo. Not to mention all the different types of party platters that we offer. You can choose from 11 different options or mix it up. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is just a phone call away, you can reach us at 860-432-9655, we are located in South Windsor, CT.


Catering Restaurants – South Windsor CT, Manchester CT

Holiday Party Catering – CT

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Holiday Party Catering – CT

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas Caters your holiday parties. We invite you to browse our menu selection of sides, most of our meal choices come with three sides, as well as corn bread and watermelon. (Excluding seafood choices and those that specify otherwise.) Most of our catering services are customizable.  We even deep fry turkeys! We welcome you to call with any questions and concerns you may have, because customer service is our number one priority! Please call Danny’s Little Taste of Texas to make catering plans now. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas specializes in high quality BBQ food, and smoked meats.


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REAL TEXAS STYLE BBQ catering can only be achieved by slowly cooking meats at low temperatures with lots of smoke from real Hickory logs. The flame does not come in contact with our meat thus enhancing the natural flavor.

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas BBQ Catering cooks our meats up to 16 hours of mouth watering perfection in our special enclosed hickory wood burning pits.

Of course, as we smoke our meats, we baste them with our own secret sauces for added flavor. This process is designed to seal in the juices of our delicious meats, and at the same time give them that good hickory smoked flavor.

Please note, however, that our cooking process produces a “reddish-pinkish” color in our meats, especially in the chicken and pork ribs. This is the same color of smoked ham and does not mean that the meat is under-cooked.

Once you have tried Danny’s Little Taste of Texas , we think you will agree that it is the finest available anywhere.  Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is Connecticut’s premier BBQ Catering Company.  Please call for more information.