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Best Big E food 2015

Planning on heading to the Big E? The Big E is known for the most creative and tantalizing fair food around. One may ask themselves, whats the best food served at the Big E? For over 14 years the Smoke House grill has been presenting residents of all New England the famous super sized potatoes. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is the Smokehouse Grill and we have been ranked time and time again as the best tasting baked potato as well as the best bargain on the fairgrounds! Come and grab your Super Spud at Danny’s Little Taste of Texas anytime of the year or at the Smokehouse Grill at the Big E located in West Springfield, MA for three thrilling weeks in September. The Big E is one of the best places around to find that knick-knack you’ve been obsessin’, and find frenzied foodies grazing like no tomorrow! Heck, it’s all of New England combined into one place! Can’t beat that!


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