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BBQ Catering Darien CT

BBQ Catering Darien CT

BBQ Catering Darien CT

Best BBQ Catering Darien, CT

Looking for the best BBQ Catering in Darien, CT? Look no further than Danny’s Little Taste of Texas! For over 15 years, Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has been serving up authentic barbecues to happy customers. We can handle any size event or occasion–from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and private parties. If you’re looking for great food at a fair price, give us a call today!

Authentic Texas BBQ

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is the best place in town to get authentic Texas BBQ. Our meat is perfectly rubbed with special spices, and wood-smoked low and slow. The key element to our flavorful meats is our smoker. Rest assured that you and your guests will be served only the best quality BBQ.

Why Hire A Catering Service

Next, we’re proud to offer party hosting, so your event is executed perfectly. Our team will not only provide great food, but also music and karaoke–even calf-roping! Planning an event takes time, and energy, and can cause stress. Our goal at Danny’s is to make your life as easy as possible!

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas offers affordable menu options to fit every budget. We will work with you to create a menu that complements your needs and tastes. The quality of your meal is never compromised by your budget. Our extensive menu includes BBQ spare ribs, pulled chicken, smoked sausage, beef brisket, and pulled pork. We also offer a variety of sides that will complement any meal perfectly!

About Danny

Owner, Danny Bell brings a bit of Texas to Connecticut with Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. Bell lived in Texas for a time and got the full experience of authentic Texas barbecue. Bell then decided he wanted to bring those experiences with him to CT and open Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. For over 14 years, Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has served Connecticut residents some of the best barbecues in the region. Authentic Texas barbecue means that the meat is dry-rubbed with special spices, smoked over wood embers, and slow-cooked. The smoky flavor comes through in everything from brisket sandwiches to pulled pork wraps. Danny’s newest item is buffalo meat, available in burgers, buffalo cheesesteak sandwiches, and nachos. Buffalo meat contains 30% more protein than beef, is much leaner and can prove to be more flavorful than beef.

We believe that Texas Style BBQ is the product of love. Our BBQs are not just hot dogs and hamburger events. Our smoker is the key element. You will have quality BBQ-style fare served to your guests. Moreover, if you can’t taste the smoke flavor in our meats, the sauce won’t make any difference. Our catering menu features the Texas Chuck Wagon Ho Down. We bring our chuck wagon to your home office, school, church, or job site for any outdoor event. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas offers baked potatoes at the Big E. Check out our Smoke House Grill page for more information on this popular attraction.

To conclude, when it’s time to bring the flavor of Texas to your next event, Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is here to help. Lastly, if you need help planning the details, we offer hosting services too! Just call us at 860-432-9655 to get started, or visit our website for more info.

Best BBQ Catering Darien, CT

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