Danny's Little Taste of TexasAbout Us - Danny's Little Taste of Texas

Owner Danny Bell brings a bit of Texas to Connecticut with Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. Bell lived in Texas for a time and got the full experience of authentic Texas barbecue. Bell then decided he wanted to bring those experiences with him to CT and open Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. For over 14 years Little Taste of Texas has been serving residents of CT and all over New England some of Texas’s Best BBQ. Authentic Texas BBQ means that the meat is Dry rubbed with special spices, wood smoked and slow cooked. The smoker brings out the flavors, and nobody can dispute how good a smoker chugging away smells. Danny’s newest item is Buffalo meat, available in burgers, buffalo cheesesteak sandwiches, wraps and nachos. Buffalo meat contains 30% more protein, is much leaner, and can prove to be more flavorful then beef.

Our popular catering menu features the Texas Chuck Wagon Ho Down, which will come to your home office, school, or church, job site for any outdoor event! Join the Danny’s Little Taste of Texas Customer Club and receive 15% off your first bill as well as information on special offers and upcoming events.

We believe that Texas Style BBQ is the product of love, our BBQ’s are not hot dogs and hamburger events. Our smoker is the key element. You will have quality BBQ style fare served to your guests. If you can’t taste the smoke flavor in our meats, the sauce won’t make any difference.

Also, for over a decade Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has been serving New Englanders from all over, the best baked potato sold at the Big E. Check out our Big E page for the Smoke House Grill.