Everyone that’s American loves a good BBQ meal. There are four main regional varieties of traditional, slow-cooked barbecue do you know the difference?

Kansas City style barbecue is characterized by thick, tomato-based sauces containing a substantial amount of sugar .Kansas City style rubs are mostly brown sugar, or some other form of sugar as well.  It’s imperative that Kansas City barbecue be cooked slowly over low heat, or you’ll end up with a crispy black lump of caramelized burnt sugar . Kansas City style barbecue usually focuses on pork, pork ribs, and chicken.

Memphis style barbecue is somewhat similar to Kansas City style, but doesn’t pack nearly as much sugar as that stuff from further west.  Memphis style tends to be more spicy than Kansas City style, and pork ribs or butt are usually the primary meats.

 Carolina style barbecue is pork.Not much if any of a rub is used; this barbecue is sauce-based.  Carolina sauce in general is thin and watery, tangy, and peppery.

At Danny’s Little Taste of Texas our Favorite is Texas Style BBQ.

Texas barbecue focuses on beef.  Might be a little chicken or pork ribs tossed in as sort of garnish, but in general it’s beef, beef and more beef. Sauces tend to be thin and bold, more like a basting or mop sauce and are heavy with flavor from various kinds of ground chili’s
, cumin, onion, hot sauce, meat drippings and even beer or coffee. At Danny’s we serve up pretty much anything BBQ related that you could imagine. If you are looking for a BBQ catering Specialist for your next occasion, including corporate events and more contact Danny’s Little Taste Of Texas.



Fall Wedding Catering Manchester CT, Glastonbury CT

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Autumn has quickly became the most popular season for weddings. Perhaps it is because the weather is arguably the most comfortable of the year, or maybe it’s because of the gorgeous foliage. Regardless of why you chose or are considering hosting a fall wedding Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has the perfect menu to tie together your rustic fall themed wedding in CT. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas specializes in BBQ catering for weddings featuring such items as steaks, ribs and chicken. We also have fun and creative options as well such as our famous baked potato bar that is sure to entertain and wow your guests. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is locally owned and operated and serves all Manchester CT, Glastonbury CT and all surrounding CT towns. If you would like more information on fall wedding catering availability, please contact Danny’s Little Taste of Texas.chuckwagon2

Catering- New London CT, Essex CT, Mystic CT

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Danny’s Little Taste of Texas is the BBQ catering expert serving all New London CT, Essex CT and Mystic CT. We not only serve you and your guests the most mouth watering, smoked BBQ in the state but we also provide entertainment as well. We can serve your party ribs, steaks, burgers, dogs, and even conduct pig roasts as well. We never disappoint. Please call Danny’s Little Taste of Texas for more BBQ  catering information.




Welcome to Danny’s Little Taste of Texas Catering Blog.

Owner Danny Bell

BBQ Catering – Hartford CT, New Haven CT, New London CT

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas brings party with some good old fashion delicious BBQ and Pig Roast.

At Danny’s our new Chuck Wagons are sure to be a smash hit for your next

wedding, graduation, birthday, or just a great neighborhood get together. You bring the guest and Danny’s Bell and his staff will bring

the best BBQ Catering you ever had. We specialize in big parties. When it comes to Catering you party

know one does BBQ better than us.  We take pride that we make sure that no one will leave hungry.

We have catered parties for Government Officials, Corporate Events, Big E, Weddings and now your big event.

Call us today and see why having Danny’s Little Taste of Texas cater your event will be a big hit.


Wedding BBQ Catering – Manchester CT, South Windsor CT, Glastonbury CT

Danny’s Little Taste of Texas has been catering wedding around Hartford County for over 20 years. We can make sure your reception for your wedding will be always remembered for having wonderful food. We will take the time to go over exactly what you want for your wedding. Danny’s little taste of Texas can also give you advise on amount of food your party will need to ensure know one leaves hungry. Danny’s taste of Texas can handle any size party with ease. Please, take a look at our beautiful new wagon which will wow your guest.

Call us today to make an appointment.






Graduation Party Catering- Tolland County and Hartford County.

Congratulations to your high school or recent college grad! After all the hard work and dedication it’s time to celebrate. At Danny’s Little Taste of Texas we bring the party to your event with smokin’ hot BBQ foods, or a Pig Roast and entertainment to boot. Say a job well done to your new graduate with a graduation party catered by Danny’s Little Taste of Texas. We serve all of CT for catering needs. 860-432-9655.

Pig Roast

Danny’s little taste of texas – Pig Roast




Danny’s Little Taste of Texas

Welcome to Danny’s Little Taste of Texas! We’re CT’s top pick for pig roasting catering services. At Danny’s you get top notch customer service, quality food, and entertainment to boot! We come to your pig roast location, set it up and watch it spin to perfection. Guests are always in awe, and the roasting smell makes everyone’s mouth water. Plan your pig roast this summer or fall and choose Danny’s to cook it right! Call 860-432-9655.