BBQ Party Decorating Theme CT

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BBQ’s are some of the most fun and relaxing ways to organize a social gathering. If you are planning a BBQ party don’t forget to include decorations and entertainment in your plans. If your family gathering will be held near or on the Fourth of July, then it’s easy to choose how to decorate your back yard. Otherwise, pick bright, warm-colored items. Bright yellow, orange, lime green, and fuchsia all go well for summer cookout decorations. Bold bright flowers such as a sunflower or wild flowers casually placed in mason jars also add a nice touch. BBQ is great for parties of all shapes and sizes and is becoming more and more common for weddings, corporate events, and even showers. Danny’s Little Taste of Texas can get your next party started with their fantastic BBQ catering options. Please call Danny for more information. Rustic-wedding-table-1

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